Tomalo de Corazon

Dzibilchaltun, a Mayan site north of Mérida


Take it to Heart

Today we mark the winter solstice. Although the name solstice comes from sun, sol, and stop, stit, nothing stops.

When we observe and connect to our surroundings, concentrate on the natural flow of life, we are reciprocally connecting with all of humanity—past, present and future. Perhaps rebirth is the best metaphor for this season—new beginnings.

Observe the cultures preceding us. All have marked the positions of the sun, moon and stars to make sense of basic time—the day, the month, seasons. They celebrated these celestial events as we do with our festivals, spending time with loved ones, feasting, singing, dancing and making fires.

This is the pivotal time for determining the basics of our survival. This is the time that sets the days before the planting of crops, the mating and migration of animals and harvests. This is the time we renew our souls, our minds our spirits to find strength and direction for the coming year.      

It is a cleansing tradition, a celebration of the continuity of life, death, rebirth and whatever Gods we choose to represent that continuum—on and on and on!