Nothing to fear??


Another take on elections from Mexico.

Richard Grabman writes a blog, The Mex Files. I find it most interesting and recommend it to all interested in Mexico.

The following is a post from the Mex Files on the US election.


In an obviously divided US, I hope Trump can find his Becket-Self and govern in an inclusive way.

Street Art II

Another slideshow of Mexico’s not so permanent art forms

Link for Street Art I

The Silence of the Birds 


Tenochtitlan rises

From the great lake of life

Shines like a jewel

Shines the natural light


The causeway is lined

With the birds of their world

With their colors so vivid

With their songs so pure


Symbols of beauty

Symbols of grace

Hernan has seen them

He knows their power


Now the silence has come

He has burned the birds

There is a new order of power

Of power without grace


The illness of the heart

That is only cured by gold

Is Hernan’s  obsession

Is Hernan’s shame

Street Art I

In Mexico there is a great tradition of Institutional Public Art  heroic bronzes, massive bas relief works, large scale frescoes and many other “permanent” art forms.

There is also a deep vein of anarchical art, more ephemeral in nature—chalk or flowers on the sidewalks, paper maché, cheap house paint, collage and glue. Most is only one good rain away from oblivion. This art form is expressive and shuns the idea of “precious art.”  Often political making social comment or celebrating Mexico’s sense of libertarian personal freedom. This is a peek at the art form, Street Art.