Sociopaths : Stories of American Opportunists


Sociopaths is a collection of short stories exploring opportunism.

Opportunism takes many forms. We often think of opportunism as a negative thing, associating it with self-interest and greed. Yet our business schools frame opportunism in noble sounding strategic terms. Deeper into the pile, we find biological opportunism, as a Darwinian imperative.

In these stories we see not just the wild-eyed business entrepreneur or the scoundrel, but also the actions of the evangelist, the politician, drug dealer, bootlegger, the farmer and others as they manifest opportunistic behaviors.

Conflict created by opportunism is usually obvious. Yet, in many cases, we find the conflict wrapped inside the opportunist.

The heart of these internal conflicts is where the questions of integrity, moral values and selfish behavior come sharply into focus—the exception being the people not conflicted by these behaviors, the sociopaths.

These stories look at the sociopath and their lack of true internal debate, as well as the people affected by them.

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