Stanley Winborne, III

Stanley Winborne is a US citizen living in Mexico. He grew up in North Carolina and studied history and philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He has spent a great deal of his life outdoors.

In 1978, having no business skills, he jumped into the commercial real estate business and for the next thirty years bobbed around achieving various levels of success. During those years, he came to know many fine people. He also met an amazing cross-section of shills, cons, thugs, and sociopaths. All form the trove of characters he draws upon in his writing.

In January of 2009, Stanley and his wife, Alice, moved to Mexico. There he started writing about this strange, wonderful life.

He has travelled in the US, Europe, and Latin America, and is always awed by nature’s adaptation to Earth’s varied environment.

Stanley is interested in the transitions and interactions between fact and fiction, good and evil, success and failure.